Untangle Moisturizing Spray fro Weaves & Wigs
Untangle Weave & Wig Spray - Jojoba & Lemon Oil Formula for Easy Detangling

Untangle Weave & Wig Spray - Jojoba & Lemon Oil Formula for Easy Detangling

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Unlock the secret to effortlessly manageable weaves and wigs with Safah's Natural Untangle Weave & Wig Spray. This innovative spray, blended with the enriching properties of jojoba and lemon oils, is specifically designed to detangle, soften, and revitalize synthetic and natural hair extensions.

Say goodbye to knots, snags, and roughness, and welcome a new era of smooth, lustrous, and easily stylable weaves and wigs.


Detangles Effortlessly: Eases knots and tangles for smoother combing and styling.

Revitalizes & Softens: This brings a natural shine and softness to both synthetic and natural hair extensions.

Refreshes & Deodorizes: Lemon oil helps in keeping your hair smelling fresh and clean.

Nourishes Hair: Jojoba oil closely mimics the scalp's natural oils, providing deep nourishment without weighing hair down.

Protects & Preserves: Helps extend the life of your weaves and wigs by maintaining their quality and appearance.

How to Use:

Spray Generously: Apply liberally to dry or damp hair extensions, focusing on areas prone to tangling.

Gently Comb: Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to gently detangle, starting from the tips and working your way up.

Style as Desired: Once detangled, style your weave or wig as usual.

Regular Use: Can be used daily or as needed to refresh and maintain your hair extensions.


Jojoba Oil: Provides lasting hydration, enhancing the hair's natural texture and preventing dryness.

Lemon Oil: Offers a clean, refreshing scent and contributes to the overall health of the hair.


Incorporate Untangle Weave & Wig Spray into your regular hair care routine to keep your extensions in pristine condition. For best results, store your weaves and wigs properly when not in use and avoid overwashing to maintain their integrity and appearance.

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