About Us

Hi we are team Safah, the parents of little Safah. From a very early age, Safah suffered from eczema and as a result of using medical ointments on her skin and scalp, it averted hair growth on her head.

We tried many different hair growth treatments but these were quite harsh for delicate hair.

Nevertheless, our research prevailed to using the most natural and purest oils in the form of 'cold pressed'. This was the start of Safahs Natural, inspired by Safah herself.

We have decided to share our success with you and are now a small family run business, sourcing pure, natural and ethical ingredients from around the world. These are then manually hand filled with love.

As our valued customer we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping support a small business, using natural products and saving the environment, because when it's empty you can recycle this container!