Hemp oil 100% Natural - for Deep Hydration & Restoration Natural Skin & Hair Care
Hemp oil 100% Natural - for Deep Hydration & Restoration Natural Skin & Hair Care

Hemp oil 100% Natural - for Deep Hydration & Restoration Natural Skin & Hair Care

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This oil is Blended with Grapeseed oil and is not 100% pure.


Introducing our Safah's Natural Hemp Seed Oil, a natural elixir designed for ultimate skin and hair care. This nutrient-rich oil is extracted from the finest hemp seeds, offering a perfect blend of hydration and restoration. Ideal for those seeking a natural approach to beauty, our Hemp Seed Oil is a flexible addition to your daily routine, providing deep moisturization and protective benefits.

Key Benefits:

Deep Hydration: Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids lock in moisture, preventing dryness in skin and hair.

Soothes Inflammation: Natural anti inflammatory properties help reduce redness and skin irritation.

Strengthens Hair: Enhances hair texture, promotes growth, and reduces breakage.

Improves Skin Health: Balances oil production, minimizing acne and promoting clear skin.

Natural Nutrients: Rich in vitamins E and A, minerals, and antioxidants to protect and nourish.

How to Use:

For Well-being: Take a small amount orally once or twice daily to help support overall wellness and balance.

For Skin: Apply a few drops directly to the skin or mix with your favorite moisturizer to help soothe irritation, reduce redness, and promote a healthy glow.

For Hair: Massage a few drops into the scalp and hair to moisturize, strengthen, and add shine.


Hemp Seed Extract: The core ingredient, known for its high levels of omega-3 and omega6 fatty acids, which promote skin and hair health.

Grapeseed Oil: Extracted from grape seeds, this lightweight oil is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, aiding in moisturizing and nourishing the skin and hair.


Our Hemp Seed Oil is recommended for anyone looking to naturally enhance the health and appearance of their skin and hair. It's particularly beneficial for those with dry or sensitive skin, as well as for individuals experiencing dryness or damage in their hair. Incorporate this oil into your daily beauty regimen to unlock the powerful, natural benefits of hemp seed oil. 

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